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New Company

After over 14 years of operation, Gideon King, the founder of the original Novamind company shut down his business in October 2016 to retire from the industry.

We purchased the intellectual property from Gideon in order to ensure that the core Desktop products can continue to be an innovative part of the Mind Mapping and Visual Thinking industry.

Transition FAQ

Gideon King announced his retirement from the industry and the shutting down of his business in August 2016. After a transition period of three months, during which previous customers were alerted to this change, the old company and website shut down operation. We started this new company in order to continue to develop and offer a subscription service for the Novamind for Mac and Windows Desktop products.

What happened to my subscription?

All subscriptions to the old company, including the perpetual subscriptions, were discontinued on October 26th, 2016.

If you had an annual subscription, then Gideon King has indicated that he will provide pro-rated refunds to previous customers (excluding any bonus time that was added).

If you had a perpetual subscription you should have received a download link and license key to a legacy version of Novamind which is identical to the last version published by the old company. You may continue to use this version indefinitely going forward. Gideon King also offered refunds to perpetual subscribers during the transition period.

If you had a monthly subscription, then the old company stopped charging you for it in August 2016.

If you want to continue using the newest version of Novamind, please sign up for our new and more affordable subscription with us. You can see our flexible plans and pricing here:

I made some other purchase from the old company, can I request a refund?

We are not able to offer any refunds for dealings with the old company.

What happened to Novamind Cloud or Novamind for iPad?

There are several products which were discontinued during the transition period, including: Novamind Cloud, NovaMind iPad (which was never released but announced by the old company), Novamind for Mac App Store and Novamind Modern (which was the name for NovaMind for the Windows Store).

What happens to my NovaMind 5.x license key?

If you own a license key to NovaMind 5.x or earlier then you may be able to continue to use the old application as we will try to keep the old licensing checks online going forward. Please note that we will not be able to offer any support on these legacy products. You can find the official downloads for these legacy versions here:

I have a question that isn’t covered here!

If you have further questions, you can always contact us via our support page.

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