Visualize your information to get things done

Visualize your information to get things done

We believe in beauty, elegance, creativity, efficiency and effectiveness.

No matter where you are, you should have the tools to brainstorm and organize great ideas, communicate them effectively to other people, and implement them efficiently without stress.

This is why we have spent over 14 years creating and refining the best Mind Mapping tools available anywhere, and now you can use them wherever you are. Use custom versions of NovaMind specifically designed for Windows desktop, Windows 8, iPad, Mac OS X, or Android, or use NovaMind Cloud online – all for a single simple subscription.

How can Novamind help me?

Visual planning

The simplest way of visually planning & mapping your project


Easily build a beautiful presentation to engage your audience


Quickly create an elegant visual to share vision with clients


Learn as you create mind maps, easily retaining information

NovaMind can be used for a wide range of purposes. For some ideas of things you could use Mind Maps for, click on the boxes above.

I want to improve
my business efficiency

I want to
improve my business efficiency

Planning, strategy, brainstorming and presentations

I want to develop
my personal life

I want to
develop my personal life

Life planning, goal management, creative work and brainstorming

I want to
fast-forward my education

I want to fast-forward my education

Planning, teaching, studying, revision, connecting with peers and assignments

  • Teacher’s Guide to Mind Mapping

    Learn how to teach effectively using Mind Mapping techniques.

    As you read this book, you will find out how to appeal to people with different learning styles through Mind Maps, how to plan lessons and presentations, how to be interesting and effective as you teach, and many more useful skills using Mind Maps to get your message across clearly and memorably.

  • Business Guide to Mind Mapping

    Use Mind Maps to build your skills and effectiveness in business planning, problem solving, presentations, pitching ideas, selling, and being more organized and efficient at work.

    Designed for business owners, managers, employees, business consultants, sales people, independent contractors, and anyone else who needs to improve their business.

  • 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques

    A 95-page, easy-to-read guide with hundreds of proven methods to help you manage your life easier and better NOW.

    Based on the best tips from the top 20 time management books on Amazon.Plus a special bonus, not available anywhere else but here!

  • Power Brainstorming

    This book will show you how to brainstorm new ideas to keep you ahead of the competition.

    Brainstorming can cut costs and open up brand new revenue opportunities. Existing products and services can be improved, processes streamlined, and new product lines and services added as a result of the brainstorming processes taught in this book.

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