Backed by 14 years of Mind Mapping software development, NovaMind is built from the ground up to help you brainstorm, collect and organize ideas, develop and implement plans, and communicate them to others.

NovaMind Mind Mapping Software
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Be Better

Mind Mapping is the intuitive and fun way to visualize and organize your ideas. It is a simple and powerful tool used by many individuals and companies to be better at whatever they do.

Use Mind Mapping software to:

  • Organize your thoughts clearly
  • Understand and remember easily
  • Communicate and present effectively
  • Plan and run projects successfully

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Use the Best

NovaMind 5 is the culmination of over a decade of research, experience and a passion for mind mapping software.

  • Familiar user interface
  • Create beautiful mind maps easily
  • MS Office file import & export
  • Available for both Windows & Mac

The NovaMind Mind Mapping tool is quick to learn and easy to use, yet has unparalleled power and flexibility.

NovaMind is also available for Windows 8.

Microsoft Managing Director Recommends NovaMind

Microsoft Managing Director Pip Marlow

The Managing Director of Microsoft Australia, Pip Marlow is a NovaMind user. Here is what she has to say about NovaMind:

“Many folks would have discovered NovaMind Mind Mapping via the Windows desktop and now it’s great to see it reimagined as a Windows 8 app! Like many people these days, I deal with a lot of information and data in my job. The NovaMind Mind Mapping app is valuable tool to synthesise and make sense of all of that information in a visual and ‘big picture’ way.”

Note that NovaMind is available for Windows Desktop (Windows 7, 8, Vista), Windows 8, and Mac OS X.

NovaMind – Mind Mapping Software & Tool

Mind Maps are diagrams that represent tasks, ideas, and information in a structured way. NovaMind is Mind Mapping Software, designed to help you be more organized, efficient, creative, and in control of your tasks.

While you can draw basic Mind Maps by hand, Mind Maps Software like NovaMind allows you to brainstorm more easily, reorganize your ideas, easily alter the colors, layout, and styling in a way that would not be possible on paper, as well as attaching extra information like notes, hyperlinks, and task information. NovaMind Mind Maps software allows you to easily add, edit, and remove ideas, as well as showing and hiding information as required, so you can focus on the relevant information at the time.

NovaMind is a Mind Mapping tool like no other. It is designed with 14 years of experience in developing Mind Mapping software, and has many unique features, which make it both powerful and easy to use.

This Mind Mapping software gives you unequalled layout flexibility, while at the same time making sure that your topics don’t overlap each other. It allows you design freedom over the look of your Mind Maps while at the same time providing automatic coloring, themes and color sets for easy setting of styles. Every part of NovaMind has been designed through years of research and customer feedback to work together to give you the best Mind Mapping tool available anywhere.

Download your copy of NovaMind Mind Maps Software today, and start experiencing the benefits of this Mind Mapping tool to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

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