NovaMind 5.2 for Mac released

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of NovaMind 5.2 for Mac. This release brings a wide range of behind the scenes improvements, and some user-visible changes.

The biggest single change is the complete replacement of the data layer of the application with a new one that is designed to be faster, more stable, and easier to maintain. During the course of the development of the new data layer, we have been encouraged to find out how easy it was to track down and correct issues, in comparison to the old framework, where we were often unable to reproduce issues, which made them very difficult to fix.

You can get the new version either by clicking the Download button on the NovaMind web site, or if you already have NovaMind 5 installed, it will automatically be found by the update system. This update is currently only available for NovaMind 5 when running on MacOS X 10.6 and 10.7

Although there are hundreds of improvements throughout the application, here are some of the main new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Concurrent document opening on OSX 10.6 and 10.7 – this means that NovaMind can be opening multiple documents at the same time, and present them to you as they each become available, without holding you up from working.
  • Native autosave system – we can now work with the system native autosave system without having to use the one we wrote, right back to OSX 10.5. This means that when you drag a file from the title bar, it will be the one you expect, instead of the one we had to hide away in a working folder, and all the operating system level operations for automatically opening autosaved files etc work as they would for other applications.
  • Dynamic autosave delay in OSX 10.7, so that the autosave adjusts to how long it took last time automatically.
  • Asynchronous file writing in OSX 10.7 – this means that when either you save a file or the autosave system saves a file, it will return control to you as soon as physically possible (in most cases instantaneously), while the program goes on and saves the file in the background.
  • Significantly improved error reporting – this means that we are much more likely to be able to find and fix a problem from the very first report.
  • Improved performance on the updates of the inspectors.
  • Improved performance for all editing operations.
  • Improved handling of undo and redo.
  • Additional tweaks to work more nicely with some of the new features of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

From the change logs, here is a bit more detailed information about some of the changes:

Release 5.2.0

Released: Sat, 14 Jan 2012

Implemented concurrent opening of multiple documents on 106 and 10.7.
Dynamic autosave delay in 10.7.
Implemented asynchronous file saving in 10.7, with almost immediate return to user control.
Moved to ordered arrays throughout the program instead of trying to manage index attributes.
Made the inspector update more robust when there is no currently selected Mind Map.
Changed to a newer API for save and open panel file types.
Made it so new link lines are initially selected.
Switched to the operating system supplied autosave mechanism on 10.5 and 10.6.
Put in better handling of printing errors.
Updated the layout algorithm so that it is ready for handling FlexiTopics.
Made the inspector system use a more efficient monitoring and update system.
Switched to a more robust and quicker method of texture image drawing.
Implemented an updated boundary lookup system to allow themes to define boundaries.
Moved to an instant checking of topic node references from topics to avoid pre-save cleanups leaving a dirty document and extra undo action.
Implemented completely new crash handler.
Improved error handling throughout the application.
Added the ability to tell the system that a topic’s text has been changed programmatically.
Rewrote the entire resource manager.
Bypassed an attempt at getting a value for key where we know we don’t have a value.
Improved the handling of resource images.
Added the ability for themes to have texture images in them.
Cached loaded themes for instant access the first time.
Progressively load and display themes the first time they are loaded.
Improved error reporting on opening and exporting documents.
Updates the selection more appropriately after paste.
Updated the default theme.
Completely rewrote the data layer of the application.
Replaced the built in themes with better ones.
Improved the iCal syncing on Lion so that it only happens on user-initiated save operations rather than autosaves.
Fixed a problem where the resources folder could be created as a file instead of a folder, preventing saving of resources.
Fixed a problem where outline numbers would not update correctly after a graft operation.
Fixed a wide range of undo and redo issues.
Fixed a problem where undoing and redoing shape changes would not update subtopics which inherit from it.
Fixed a problem with preparing topic node view models for deletion.
Fixed multiple issues with establishing and removing observations from the topic node view model.
Fixed various issues with observations on text storage objects.
Fixed various problems with equality testing.
Made NovaMind able to open Mind Maps with FlexiTopics in them (displaying them as line topics).
Fixed a problem where an already saved file did not get updated with the latest unsaved information before export.
Fixed issues with working with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion versions system.
Fixed a problem with the font set chooser that would result in an incorrect undo registration.
Fixed a number of problems with loading and saving files.
Fixed an issue with cursor setting while dragging adornments.
Fixed an issue where an unsaved document would not be autosaved on 10.7 before export.
Fixed a problem where changing themes would leave unused themes in the file.
Fixed a memory management issue in the drawing system.
Fixed some issues with grouping, inserting parent topics, and other structural changes, and undoing and redoing these operations.
Fixed a problem where undoing or redoing insertion of a new Mind Map title would not update the tab properly.
Fixed a problem reverting to the saved version of a file.
Fixed some errors that could happen when quitting NovaMind with documents open.
Refactored to remove the need for a separate tree ordered data object.
Fixed a problem where the supporting files were not properly removed upon closing the document.
Fixed some issues caused by unnecessary and incorrect grouping around undo operations.
Made the text system notice pending topic deletion and remove itself as an observer.
Fixed an issue that could sometimes happen where inspectors were still observing topics that were deleted.
Removed the entirety of the old data layer, including cache nodes, atomic store, core data etc..
Fixed some exception conditions when closing documents.
Fixed up some selection handling issues and inspector update issues while deleting a map from a document.
Fixed a crasher bug during colorwell updates when reverting or reloading a document.
Fixed an issue where a resource could already have its content hash removed before being deregistered.
Fixed a problem with key processing in the outline view.