Creating a PowerPoint Presentation from NovaMind Slides

The capability of NovaMind to export slides to images opens the way to easily taking slides from a NovaMind presentation and creating a PowerPoint presentation from them. Of course you don’t have all the power of the NovaMind 5 Presenter available, but sometimes it is necessary to share a PowerPoint presentation with those who don’t yet have NovaMind.

Step 1: Export Presentation Slides

In NovaMind 5, click on the Export button in the Presenter tab to export the slides

Step 2: Export all slides

Choose to export all the slides. Choose where you want your slides exported to – a new folder named after the name of the NovaMind document will be created to hold your slides so that they are all in one place for easy import into PowerPoint.

Export Slides for PowerPoint import

When exporting your slides for importing to PowerPoint, you probably don’t want to export with the map background, so that you can use the background that PowerPoint provides for you. If you want to do this, export without the background and choose whether you are exporting the images for putting over a light background or dark background. This alters what NovaMind does with the automatic text coloring – using white text if you are exporting something that will end up over a dark background, or black text if you are exporting over a black background.

For example, if you exported for placement over a dark background, and used a dark theme in PowerPoint, it would look something like this:

Or if you exported for placement over a light background, and used a light theme in PowerPoint, it would look something like this:

Step 3: Insert a Photo Album in PowerPoint

Switch to PowerPoint, and in the Insert tab, choose the option to create a new photo album.

Step 4: Create a PowerPoint presentation from your slides

Click on the File/Disk option in PowerPoint and navigate to the folder where the slides are. Select all the slides.

Import photo album slides

When you have it all set up, click the Create button – this will create a new PowerPoint presentation using your images.

Step 5: View your slideshow in PowerPoint

Your slides will appear in your PowerPoint presentation where you can format your presentation – set the theme, add transitions etc, or just directly go into the presentation.