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Stand Out!

Go beyond static slides and images and use the power of Mind Mapping to present with style.

NovaMind 5 for Windows Presenter Tutorial 1 - Getting Started
NovaMind 5 for Windows Presenter Tutorial 2 - Walkthrough mode

The NovaMind Presenter is available in the Platinum edition of NovaMind for Windows and Mac.


Impress immediately

First impressions are everything.

Use the unique Presenter intro to impress your audience while they wait for the presentation to start. Set the mood by showing subtle yet interesting visual effects on screen.

Easily promote your website or present other interesting information to your audience, or even get them actively involved by showing live tweets on the big screen.

You really have to try this feature yourself!

Easy from the start

Create stunning presentations in minutes.

You will be surprised how easy it is to turn your Mind Map into a compelling presentation.

All you need to do is define a list of slides which describe what will be shown to the audience, and in what order. When you give your presentation the NovaMind Presenter will smoothly animate the change of the Mind Map so that it shows the topics that you want to focus on.

It only takes two mouse clicks to create a slide.

Paint the picture

Progressively reveal information in context.

Like an artist painting a picture, you reveal the Mind Map bit by bit in your presentation. Instead of using static slides that don’t have a visual context, or zooming over an entire Mind Map and causing overload, NovaMind allows you to just show the portions of the Mind Map that are relevant, so you can show just the right level of detail with just the right amount of context.

As you guide your audience through the presentation, the Presenter will dynamically expand/collapse topics and you can effortlessly show your audience how things fit together and what the big picture is.

If your audience require printed copies of slides, you can print your slides as images or as handouts with space for note taking.

Edit on the go

Edit your Mind Map while still presenting.

Access the full editing capabilities of NovaMind during your presentation. Capture feedback or turn your presentation into a live mind mapping session. Resume your presentation easily and have the changes immediately applied.

Slide selector

Quickly jump to whichever slide you want to show next.

Easily go to a specific slide during the presentation using the slide selector. The slide selector will show you all your slides at a glance. Simply click on a slide to show it.

This is ideal to quickly navigate through your presentation, especially when there are questions during or after your presentation.


Quickly walk through a Mind Map without preparation.

Use the dedicated walkthrough mode to give effective presentations without any preparation. One click of a button turns your mind map into a live presentation. Focus on any topic you want or let NovaMind take you through the Mind Map step by step. Combined with the editing capabilities, this gives you the ideal tool for dynamic presentations and meetings.

You can also use the walkthrough mode during or after your normal presentation which is ideal for addressing questions and comments.

The NovaMind Presenter is available in the Platinum edition of NovaMind for Windows and Mac.

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