NovaMind 5 Overview

Visualize your information to get things done

Backed by 10 years of Mind Mapping software development, NovaMind 5 is built from the ground up to help you brainstorm, collect and organize ideas, develop and implement plans, and communicate them to others.

Visualize Your Information

Mind Mapping is the simple process of putting your ideas in an attractive and interactive visual format. Whether you use it for to-do lists, planning, brainstorming, problem solving or any other type of thinking, Mind Mapping is a great way to see the big picture and drill down to all of the important details.

With NovaMind, creating a Mind Maps is easier than ever.


Focus on writing down your ideas while NovaMind creates the Mind Map for you. It lays out your ideas in a clear and compact way and you never have to interrupt your thinking by worrying about the layout of the Mind Map.


Unlike Mind Mapping on paper, NovaMind allows you to explore where your ideas take you. Easily re-order your ideas or hide away part of the Mind Map to focus on specifics without having to worry about the size of your Mind Map. NovaMind gives you an unlimited canvas to play with.


NovaMind is built using the latest technology and offers superior visual quality and slick animations which make your Mind Maps look great, and makes it more fun to create and show them.

NovaMind is a powerful tool which allows you to get things done quicker, better and with less hassle. Increase your productivity; have fun coming up with ideas and refining them. Present information clearly and communicate it to others.

Brainstorm and Organize

Mind Mapping is a great way to come up with new ideas. You can capture your ideas instantly without having to think about how they fit with other ideas. Your brain does not naturally think linearly, exhausting all the thoughts on one topic before going on to the next. Trying to force it to do so means that you forget some of the ideas you come up with. Using Mind Mapping you can record the ideas as you think of them, and organize them later.

Write down ideas quickly

Creating ideas in NovaMind is as easy as writing down things in Word. Start the application and simply start typing. Press EnterReturn to finish one idea, hit EnterReturn again to create another idea or press Insert⌘ + Return to create a sub-idea of the currently selected one.

Organize as you please

Easily organize your ideas by dragging and dropping. You don’t have to worry about exact positioning or about the shapes and colors as NovaMind will make sure that the result looks consistent and good.

Work the way you want

NovaMind doesn’t dictate how you create and design your Mind Map. At any time, when the ideas are flowing, you can record them quickly. If you want to do a bit of reorganization of your ideas, NovaMind makes it easy. If you want to adjust the styling, NovaMind gives you all the power and flexibility you need.


Make your ideas count by adding additional visual cues. Use colors, images and different shapes to make the Mind Map look exactly the way you want it to. Visually group ideas with boundaries. Add callouts to add secondary information and use flexible link lines and floating shapes to create the Mind Map you envision.

Get even more out of your Mind Map by adding additional information to your ideas. Add text notes, link to websites, files or folders and attach documents and other files.

Unmatched Design Freedom

Mind Maps created in NovaMind will look good even if you don’t change a single color or shape. You can easily try out the themes NovaMind ships with and play around with different color and font combinations.

If you do want to take finer control then NovaMind gives you unrivaled freedom to design your Mind Map how you want it to.

While you experiment with different colors NovaMind will make sure your text stays readable by adjusting the text color automatically based on the background. At any time you can also switch themes, re-order topics or change shapes without losing any of your custom designs.

Unique Freedom of Layout

It sounds ridiculous, but other Mind Mapping applications either don’t allow you to move all of your ideas around to where you want them, forcing you into a very strict and limiting Mind Map layout, or they constantly disrupt your creative process by forcing you to deal with the layout yourself in order to make sure text and shapes don’t overlap each other.

NovaMind doesn’t make you compromise. Put any topic exactly where you want it and NovaMind will still make sure that nothing overlaps even when you start adding/removing and re-organizing things.


NovaMind ships with over 3,000 high quality images, adornments and background images.

You can add up to four images on to each idea, and they can be individually resized.

You can also add as many adornment icons on ideas as you want. You can use a background image on shapes, boundaries or the Mind Map canvas itself to create interesting Mind Maps. Our images come in high resolutions so even when you zoom into your Mind Map or when you present them on the big screen the images look sharp and clear.


Whether all you need is a simple to-do list, or you are planning a major project, NovaMind helps you to think strategically and make better decisions.

Mind Maps are ideal to capture project goals, organize stakeholder input and visualize your project plan. With NovaMind you can communicate the big picture easily, prioritize and organize tasks and capture project information directly on the Mind Map.

Task Information

The task information, like priority, percentage complete, duration, start and end dates, and resource usage are displayed right there on your Mind Map, so you can see them at a glance.

You can either manually set the checked state of checkboxes, or use automatic checkboxes where the state is rolled up from children tasks. All checkboxes are three state checkboxes so you can not only show when tasks are complete or not started, but also indicate when they are in progress.

High Level Overview

You can easily collapse subtopics to only show the level of information you need to work with at the time.

Automatic checkboxes will still show the calculated checked state so you can see at a glance which tasks are not started, incomplete, or finished.

Sync with iCal

NovaMind allows you to synchronize your checkboxes with to-do items in iCal, and your task information with iCal events.

The syncing can be one way or two way, and you can choose which calendar a task should go on. You can then use iCal calendar sharing, alarms and the other features of iCal to further manage your tasks.

MS Project Import & Export

If you need to do fine detail project management using project management software, you can easily export the information to Project format.

If you need to visualize a project that is already in your project management package, you can import it into NovaMind and create a Mind Map from it.

The ultimate presentation tool

The NovaMind Presenter is a new presentation tool unlike any you have seen before. Impress from the start with a special feature designed to entertain your audience before you even start the presentation. Forget about static pictures and bullet points. With the Presenter you can easily turn your Mind Map into an animated presentation. Glide over your Mind Map, focus in on topics and surprise your audience with this new way of presenting information.

If you are tired of using the same old PowerPoint presentations, or you are looking for a cutting edge presentation tool, then the NovaMind Presenter is for you.

Easy from the start

Turning your Mind Map into a stunning presentation has never been easier.

A few clicks is all that is necessary to guide your audience through your ideas and have a Mind Map beautifully unfold in front of them. Decide exactly what to show when and in what order to go through the Mind Map. The Presenter gives you complete flexibility.


Whether you want to give a keynote presentation, create a Mind Map in a meeting or walk through an existing Mind Map with a single click, the Presenter is the right tool for the job.

Find out more

Read more about this amazing new tool and watch a short introduction video to see how the Presenter changes the way you give presentations.

Windows or Mac

NovaMind is available on Windows and Mac operating systems. Our Windows and Mac teams are passionate about their platform and we strive to create the best experience on both. This is why we create NovaMind separately for each platform using native technology to give you the best experience possible. Both Windows and Mac still have the same core features and you can share and edit your files freely on either Mac or Windows version.

License keys for the real world.

At NovaMind we know that some people use more than one machine and some use both Mac and Windows. Other applications force you to waste money and buy multiple licenses to use your software. The NovaMind license key is valid for both the Mac and the Windows version and you can use it on all of your computers, so long you are only using one instance at a time.

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