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All basic Mind Mapping capabilities and Map Elements
Map ElementsCreate your mind map using a range of different shaped topics such as lines, rectangles, cloud shapes, parallelograms, arrows and ovals, and even create your own custom topic shapes, and FlexiTopics.

Use callouts to add extra information. Highlight and visually group topics using boundaries. Use floating topics to create separate mini Mind Maps. Attach free floating shapes, images and text.
Intuitive & easy to use
Ease Of UseForget distracting popup dialogs. With NovaMind you can use a familiar MS Office-like user interface to edit your mind map and see changes live.Use familiar toolbars and inspectors as well as flexible positioning of your notes and outline views to refine the workspace that suits your needs and access the features you need.

Keep the flow of your ideas going while NovaMind takes care of the layout. Other applications add features upon features just to add another bullet point on their sales pages. We carefully design new features to provide a consistent look and feel.

We are passionate about usability.
Media Library
Media LibraryMake your Mind Maps look great by selecting from over 3000 high quality adornments and images right within NovaMind. The images are tagged with a large number of keywords making it easy to find what you are looking for. Take the media library with you and use it offline.

Easily access recently used and favorite images. Access your iPhoto library directly from within NovaMind. Add your own folders of pictures for easy access. Do searches on Flickr and drag images directly into your documents. Access your hyperlinks and drag them on to your Mind Maps…all from within the media browser.
Advanced Layout Engine
Layout EngineFocus on your ideas while NovaMind’s unique layout engine keeps your mind map compact and tidy. Fine tune the look of your mind map by using flexible topic orientation and advanced spacing options. You can also move any topic to exactly where you want it.
Import from iMindMap, XMind, FreeMind, MindNode, SimpleMind, OPML, and Text files
Imports ExpressConveniently import Mind Maps created in iMindMap, XMind, FreeMind, MindNode and SimpleMind. Import and export OPML and text files.

More imports & exports are available in NovaMind Pro.
Export to MS Word, OPML, Text files, PDF and various other image formatsand PNG.
Exports ExpressCreate your documents in NovaMind and export to Microsoft Word. Import and export OPML and text files.

Export images of your Mind Maps in PDF and PNG formats.PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, EPS and BMP formats.

More imports & exports are available in NovaMind Pro.
HyperlinksAdd multiple hyperlinks to your topics. Link to websites, files and folders.

NovaMind Pro & Platinum also allow you to attach files.
Outline View
Outline ViewWork with the Outline view and the Mind Map at the same time. Immediately see changes in both the outline view and your Mind Map. Drag & drop topics within the outline view or even between the outline view and your Mind Map.
Themes & Styles
Themes And StylesCreate beautiful Mind Maps with ease. Experiment with different themes and try various color and font combinations.
Create and edit your own Themes
Theme EditorSet the default styling for your Mind Maps to the way you want it to look, and take full advantage of the automatic application of themes to your Mind Maps. Themes can be created from existing Mind Maps, or from existing themes, and you can set the topic shapes, text characteristics, connection styles, callout styles, link line styles, and boundary styles to be exactly the way you want them.

You can save your themes as separate files and share theme files with others in your organization or friends etc, so they can easily create Mind Maps with the same look and feel.
Multiple Mind Maps per document
Multiple MapsCreate multiple Mind Maps in a single document to keep them conveniently together. Add, remove and reorder Mind Maps. Copy & paste Mind Maps between documents.
Advanced Imports & Exports: Mind Manager and PowerPoint
Import Exports ProPrepare your presentations using NovaMind and export to Microsoft Powerpoint.

Import and export MindManager 8-10 Mind Maps.
Attach Files
AttachmentsUse NovaMind as your information hub. Attach as many files as you like to any topic. Attachments are automatically stored within the NovaMind file and can be opened from within NovaMind or extracted to become separate files.
CheckboxesUse NovaMind for your to do list. Add checkboxes to your topics. Automatically rollup checkbox states from sub-topics or use manual checkboxes.

Get a full set of Project Management tools with NovaMind Platinum .
Sync checkboxes with iCal / Reminders To Do Items
CheckboxesOne or two-way synchronization of your topics with checkboxes with the iCal / Reminders to-do items, with the topic title being used as the name of the to-do item, and the topic notes being used as the task comments.

Get a full set of Project Management tools with NovaMind Platinum .
PluginsExtend the capability of NovaMind 5 by using plugins. With NovaMind 5 we are introducing a new plugin system which allows developers to create new features and integrate their own products with NovaMind. We are already working with a number of partners on exciting plugins.

Find out more here.
Create your own Font Sets and Color Sets
Themes And StylesUse your own font sets to change all the default fonts to their equivalent in the new font set. Use your own color set to automatically generate a set of 60 colors that go well together from just 10 colors that you provide. All color set colors automatically update when you change your color set, allowing you easy experimentation with different colors while maintaining consistency across your Mind Map.
Advanced outline numbering
Advanced outline numberingThe formatting options for the advanced outline numbering are more powerful than those of any other Mind Mapping software, and give you massive flexibility.

You can set the prefix, number format, suffix, and separator for any level of topics in the hierarchy, and override those settings on subtopics wherever necessary.
Project Management: Task Information and MS Project import and export
Manage your projects using NovaMind. Visualize (and print) task information such as priority, percentage complete, duration and start and end dates. Set up resources and assign them to tasks, or just drag them on from the Mac Address Book. Presenting and discussing your project using NovaMind will make it easy to understand at a glance. Access project reports and export the data to Excel, RTF or MS Word. Import and Export Microsoft Project projects.

Click here to find out how NovaMind can make all the difference in your projects.
Sync task information with iCal / Calendar Events
iCal / Calendar event synchronizationOne or two-way synchronization of your topics with task information with the iCal / Calendar events, with the topic title being used as the name of the to-do item, the topic notes being used as the event comments, and the dates and priorities synchronized with iCal / Calendar. You can select a default calendar to sync with, or override this for any topic to use a different calendar if necessary. This makes for a very powerful way to manage events from within your Mind Maps.
Import resources from the Mac Address Book
Address book integrationYou can select resources from the Address Book viewer built in to NovaMind, or launch Address Book, and drag resources directly on to topics to add and assign them. This makes it easy to keep your resources consistent across documents, and makes it quick to add all the resources you need. If you use groups in Address Book, you can even add groups to get all the resources in at once.
Save and load inspector workspaces
Inspector workspacesSave and restore the state and position of your inspectors and utility windows so that you can easily switch to different configurations for different tasks.
NovaMind Presenter: Sophisticated presentation system
PresenterGet your messsage across clearly and concisely using the NovaMind Presenter. You will be able to glide over your Mind Maps and zoom into topics. Your audience will be able to easily understand the context and meaning of your presentation.

You can export your presentation slides as images for re-purposing, for example importing into other presentation software.

You can print your slides either as images on their own or as part of handout sheets with space for people to write notes during your presentation.

The NovaMind Presenter is available for the Platinum edition of NovaMind for Windows and Mac.

Click here to find out more about the NovaMind Presenter.
NovaMind Screenwriter: Write your screenplay in NovaMind using ScriptMapping
NovaMind Platinum enables Scripts to be attached on any topic on the Mind Map to record all of your ideas – the character names, their dialogue, camera angles, scene settings and more! By simply clicking on the script button you can start typing your screenplay straight away while NovaMind formats your text according to the industry standards.

The NovaMind Screenwriter is available for the Platinum edition of NovaMind for Mac only.

Click here to find out more about the NovaMind Screenwriter.
Get Free NovaMind 5.x updates
This is just the beginning. These are some of the features we plan to deliver during the lifetime of NovaMind 5: NovaMind Connect integration (Pro & Platinum), Localization into other languages and more…

In NovaMind 4 for Windows we delivered 28 updates, delivering 19 completely new features and lots of improvements, all of them free of charge. We intend to do similar in NovaMind 5, continuing to enhance the product even within the major release.
And much more…
1 Year Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident you will be happy with NovaMind we offer you a one year money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied that that NovaMind performs the Mind Mapping functions you expect and we have not been able to resolve any issues, just send an email to our sales team and we will refund your money in full.