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Mind Maps By Gideon

Document: Desert Star Outpatient Treatment Arrow_right_green

A mind map created by Bill Coleman for a marketing piece for a new Drug and Alcohol Center diagramming all their services. It was a big hit at a national conference in Tucson (Arizona, USA).

Tags: health desert star bill coleman outpatient

Mind Map: Outpatient Treatment


Document: How Mind Maps help with ADHD / ADD Arrow_right_green

A mind map to go with a Squidoo lens about this topic. The full article is at http://www.squidoo.com/adhd-mind-maps

Tags: adhd add adhd add mind maps mind mapping

Mind Map: ADHD / ADD


Document: Lesson planning using mind maps Arrow_right_green

This is a mind map that was produced to go with a Squidoo lens on how teachers can use mind maps to plan lessons. The lens is at http://www.squidoo.com/How-Teachers-Can-Quickly-Create-Lesson-Plans-Using-Mind-Maps

Tags: education mind mapping lesson planning

Mind Map: Lesson Plans


Document: Wealth Creation Mindset Arrow_right_green

This mind map illustrates some of the important factors in the mindset you need to generate and keep wealth in your life.

Tags: wealth mindset thinking success personal effectiveness

Mind Map: Wealth Creation Mindset


Document: Life planning Arrow_right_green

Plan your life using NovaMind. This document was put together for the personal life planning lesson in the Power Mind Mapping course.

Tags: power mind mapping life planning goal setting

Mind Map: Statement of purpose
Mind Map: Life Purpose
Mind Map: Where am I now?
Mind Map: How to Take Action
Mind Map: Benefits of my goal
Mind Map: Spiral of Life
Mind Map: Keys


Document: QIP database backup ideas Arrow_right_green

Mind Map with strategies for backing up databases.

This mind map was sent to us by Phil Lewis (appliance@plewis.com), an Internet Systems Specialist and DNS/DHCP specialist.

Tags: database mind map enterprise disaster recovery backup

Mind Map: Enterprise Server


Document: Decision making using Mind Maps Arrow_right_green

This series of Mind Maps goes with my blog post and video at http://www.novamind.com/blog/index.php/how-to-make-smart-decisions-using-mind-maps/ which shows you how to make smart decisions even when there are complex and subjective factors involved.

Tags: decision making problem solving

Mind Map: Option 1 analysis
Mind Map: Option 1 PMI
Mind Map: Option 1 Affected Groups
Mind Map: Option 1 Force Field
Mind Map: Increase Sales Assessment (Pareto)
Mind Map: Increase Sales Assessment (Pareto)
Mind Map: How should we increase the number of leads for our business?
Mind Map: How should we increase the number of leads for our business?


Document: Problem Solving using Mind Maps Arrow_right_green

This mind map is one of the ones I used in the tutorial video at http://www.novamind.com/blog/index.php/how-to-solve-problems-using-mind-mapping/ which shows you how to solve problems using mind mapping techniques.

Tags: problem solving problem resolution problem definition

Mind Map: Problem Definition


Document: Tips for great presentations Arrow_right_green

This mind map shows you some ideas for preparation and delivery of your presentation using NovaMind.

Tags: presentation

Mind Map: Tips for great presentations


Document: Presentation delivery using Mind Maps Arrow_right_green

Here are some Mind Maps giving some ideas of how to use Mind Maps for delivering your presentations.

Tags: presentation

Mind Map: Delivery approaches using NovaMind
Mind Map: Mind map presentation delivery tactics


Document: How to improve your memory using mind mapping Arrow_right_green

This Mind Map goes with an article on hubpages. Please see the full article at http://hubpages.com/hub/Do-You-Remember-The-7-Habits

Tags: remember memorization recall mindmaps

Mind Map: Remember


Document: How Mind Mapping Software Can Help Improve Your Study Skills Arrow_right_green

This mind map shows some aspects of using mind mapping to improve your study skills. It was developed to go with an article posted on hubpages: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-Mind-Mapping-Software-Can-Help-Improve-Your-Study-Skills

Tags: education learning study skills

Mind Map: Study Skills


Document: How to write essays Arrow_right_green

This is a companion Mind Map to my article on hubpages, and gives you the basics of writing essays in a simple Mind Map format. See http://hubpages.com/hub/Discover-How-Mind-Mapping-Software-Can-Help-You-Write-Essays-Faster-Than-Ever-Before for the article.

Tags: essay writing essays mind mapping novamind

Mind Map: How To Write Essays


Document: Demonstration of NovaMind Mind Map formatting Arrow_right_green

This Mind Map shows you a wide range of layout styles for your Mind maps along with some ideas for how to create good Mind Maps. If you'd like to know how to do something like what you see here, just download the Mind Map and have a look.

Tags: example mind map novamind layout formatting

Mind Map: Mind Mapping


Document: Brainstorming Arrow_right_green

These Mind Maps show you how to conduct individual and group brainstorming using Mind Mapping techniques. This was developed as part of a video for the free video based Power Mind Mapping course available at http://www.novamind.com/power-mind-mapping/

Tags: mind mapping brainstorming mind mapping course mind map training mind map video

Mind Map: Why Brainstorm?
Mind Map: Brainstorming
Mind Map: Steps


Document: Knowledge Management using Mind Maps Arrow_right_green

These Mind Maps go with my video about data, information, and knowledge management at http://www.novamind.com/blog/index.php/knowledge-management-using-mind-maps/

Tags: clarity information management knowledge management mind mapping mind mapping tutorial novamind visual thinking

Mind Map: Knowledge
Mind Map: Wisdom


Document: Typical DNS/DHCP Changes - decision making / impact analysis Arrow_right_green

This mind map shows how to make decisions about the most important issues to address first, using NovaMind. It illustrates using color coding, branch shapes, checkboxes and adornments to assist with the decision making and prioritization process, so you can see what the options are, what the risks and impacts are.

This mind map was sent to us by Phil Lewis (appliance@plewis.com), an Internet Systems Specialist and DNS/DHCP specialist.

Tags: decision making impact analysis dns dhcp



Document: The value of Mind Mapping Arrow_right_green

This Mind Map shows the power of Mind Mapping, and how it saves a massive amount for your business, as well as putting your business in a much stronger strategic position. You will see how an average business can expect to achieve at least a 2,000% return on investment within the first year when they buy NovaMind Platinum.

Tags: value mind mapping clarity information overload productivity

Mind Map: What is the Value of Mind Mapping?


Document: Preparing presentations using NovaMind Arrow_right_green

This mind map shows how you can prepare your presentations quickly and easily for a great presentation that will keep your audience engaged, interested and informed.

Tags: presentation presentation preparation

Mind Map: Preparing a presentation with NovaMind


Document: Classroom presentations using mind maps Arrow_right_green

Here are some ideas of ways you can use Mind Maps for giving presentations in a classroom setting.

Tags: presentation teaching

Mind Map: Classroom presentations


Comments by Gideon

Comment on document "ColorImpact - color scheme designer"

Comment Title:Nice map
Comment:Very nice formatting and interesting content. Thanks for sharing. I had a look at your web site too - good tutorial about colors and color scheme design.

Comment on document "Brainstorming Topics"

Comment Title:Nice map
Comment:Hi Ken, thanks for posting your map, and thanks for buying NovaMind Platinum - hope you get many benefits for a long time from using it.

Comment on document "Personal Development - How to be Popular"

Comment Title:The article
Comment:Hi Greg, that looks like a great Mind Map - I wouldn't mind reading the article. Is it publicly available? Is it possible for you to post a link to it?

Comment on document "Le Syndrome des Jambes Sans Repos"

Comment Title:I like the style
Comment:Very nice formatting - looks very elegant.

Comment on document "10 Steps to Success"

Comment Title:Good things to keep in mind.
Comment:Thanks for sharing.

Comment on branch "Maximize" on map "Your Flight Plan" in document "Marketing and book summarization"

Comment Title:Other forms of maximization
Comment:Perhaps we could add another form of maximization through exposure of the products and services in different marketing channels.