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Mind Maps By Rowena

Document: Research project: normal swallowing Arrow_right_green

mindmaps describing the various sections of my MSC research project.

Tags: project research normal swallowing slt

Mind Map: TWT project
Mind Map: literature review
Mind Map: data analysis
Mind Map: advanced data analysis
Mind Map: discussion


Document: Dysarthria in children: good places to start in SLT Arrow_right_green

A very basic rule of thumb map for starting to manage dysarthria in a paediatric population.

Highlights importance of working on:
1) physical management / posture
2) interaction
3) comprehensibility of speech
And looks at Dowden's 1997 guidelines for initial management very briefly.

Tags: slt dysarthria medicine paediatric

Mind Map: Dysarthria in children: good places to start in SLT...


Document: Paediatric Dysarthria management overview Arrow_right_green

Does what it says on the tin...

Have included outcome measures in the overview map.

The overview map contains links to other relevant maps

Tags: slt medicine dysarthria paediatric

Mind Map: Paed Dysarthria Management: options overview
Mind Map: Paediatric Dysarthria management: basics


Document: approaches, assesments and interventions for dysphagia Arrow_right_green

SLT approaches, assesments and interventions for dysphagia all on one page!

Could really do to be 3 separate maps which I might produce as a revision exercise.

Tags: slt dysphagia medicine

Mind Map:  approaches, assessments and interventions for swallowing disorders


Document: 3 pharyngeal stage processes critical to preventing aspiration Arrow_right_green

This map provides a reminder about the importance of:

1) lifting and tilting of the larynx
2) vocal fold closure for airway protection
3) cough protection

during the pharyngeal stage of swallowing. Basically these are why your food rarely goes down wrong if you have a normal swallow

Tags: slt medicine dysphagia

Mind Map: 3 pharyngeal stage processes critical to prevention of aspiration and choking


Document: Paediatric Dysarthria Arrow_right_green

Common Paediatric Dysarthria Profiles
Components of Paediatric Dysarthria Assessment
Scales and assessments for Paediatric Dysarthria
Communication Functions

To be followed by a map looking at treatment approaches

Tags: slt medicine dysarthria paediatric children

Mind Map: Paediatric Dysarthria: basics
Mind Map: Common Paed. dysarthria profiles
Mind Map: assessment of paediatric dysarthria 1: components
Mind Map: Scales and Assessments
Mind Map:  communication functions


Document: 3 psychosocial models Arrow_right_green

Explores models of:
- intentional causality
- learning (Conditioning and Cognitive)
- Vulberability (diathesis model)

In relation to understanding underlying theory of psychosocial research into mental health conditions

Tags: slt medicine models psychosocial

Mind Map: 3 ´┐╝psychosocial models


Document: Reminiscence therapy for Dementia Arrow_right_green

This explores the:
evidence (Cochrane review 2005)
for reminiscence therapy, one of the most popular group and individual interventions for dementia.

Tags: slt medicine dementia therapy

Mind Map: Reminiscense therapy


Document: assessments for dementia variants Arrow_right_green

Looks at Fronto-temporal dementia and variants (Semantic Dementia, Primary Progressive Aphasia), Lewy Body Dementia, and very briefly Vascular dementia
Explores the Frontal Behaviour Inventory (FBI) and mentions the Hachinski scale for Vascular Dementia.

Highlights the fact that semantic dementia is most often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's Disease (Snowden 2005)

Tags: slt medicine dementia assessment

Mind Map: Assessments for dementia variants


Document: Assessing CCD in Dementia Summary Arrow_right_green

This is the first of a series of mindmaps looking at the assessment process in Dementia as relevant to SLT.

This map examines the basic purpose of assesssing Cognitive Communication Difficulties in dementia and gives some pointers for assessment.

The next map will go into more detail re. recommended assessment tools

Tags: slt medicine dementia assessment

Mind Map: Assessing CCD in Dementia:summary


Document: Perceptual features of hypokinetic dysarthria (parkinson's disease) Arrow_right_green

Explore the perceptual features of the hypokinetic dysarthria associated with PD in arenas of:

Tags: slt dysarthria parkinsonsdisease

Mind Map: Perceptual features: hypokinetic dysarthria


Document: Childhood dysarthria direct treatment Arrow_right_green

Looks at different direct treatment options for dysarthria in children.

- physiological management approaches
- Oro-motor packages
- whole system approach

and evaluates advantages/disadvantages

Tags: slt medicine dysarthria paediatric

Mind Map: childhood dysarthria: direct treatment
Mind Map: How ´┐╝ influences therapy mindset


Document: Dysphagia treatment goals Arrow_right_green

Looks at the basic goals for treatment of swallowing difficulties and how SLTs can get there...via combined techniques, exercises and other means.

Tags: slt medicine dysphagia

Mind Map: dysphagia treatment goals
Mind Map: MindMap-Title


Document: Basis for treatment decisions in dysphagia Arrow_right_green

Looking at the various factors an SLT might consider when evaluating different treatement options for a patient with dysphagia.

Tags: slt medicine dysphagia

Mind Map: Treatment decision making in dysphagia: based on...


Document: Dysphagia in Parkinson's Disease Arrow_right_green

Looks at swallowing disorders in Parkinson's disease.

Should be viewed in conjunction with other mindmaps looking at dyspghagia, especially approaches to intervention, assessment and treatment

Tags: slt medicine dysphagia parkinsonsdisease

Mind Map: Dysphagia in PD


Document: Life events and difficulties: exploring common stressors Arrow_right_green

This is another mindmap in the mental health area of knowledge. It explores child and adult stressors, and the types of goals these life events frustrate.

Tags: slt medicine mentalhealth models

Mind Map: Life events and difficulties


Document: viva notes structure Arrow_right_green

This mindmap outlines the recommended structure for notes on an SLT video Viva.

Tags: slt medicine viva

Mind Map: Viva Notes


Document: Dementia therapy approaches Arrow_right_green

Looks at the:
- guiding principles
- specific therapy approaches
- importance of task design
- other factors facilitating learning in dementia patients

This will be followed by 2 further maps looking at 1) reminiscence therapy and 2) neural plasticity principles, which this map mentions only briefly.

Tags: slt medicine dementia therapy

Mind Map: Dementia therapy approaches


Document: 3 instruments for assessing CCD in AD dementia Arrow_right_green

Explores the:
Arizona Battery for Communication in Dementia (ABCD)
- screening (delayed story retelling subtest)
- in depth ax
Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory.

Other forms of dementia will be covered in another map

Tags: slt medicine assessment dementia

Mind Map: 3 ´┐╝ instruments for assessing CCD in Dementia


Document: Communication Disability Profile (CDP) Arrow_right_green

A mindmap exploring the CDP, including:
model rationales
management post ax

Tags: slt aphasia assessments

Mind Map:


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