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Mind Maps By Troy

Document: How to Run a Business with Task Tracking Software Arrow_right_green

Running a business isn’t a walk in the park. With the many activities that take place within business operations, a system of management is necessary.

Tags: task tracking problem solving business management planning

Mind Map: How to Run a Business with Task Tracking Software


Document: Idea Management and Mind Mapping Software Arrow_right_green

The terms ideation and mind mapping go hand in hand. Mind mapping software is the perfect 2-in-1, and helps users to conjure up new, creative ideas. The software does an even a better job at helping these users to organize these ideas.

Tags: management business mind mapping planning organization innovation

Mind Map: Idea Management and Mind Mapping Software


Document: Top Reasons to Use Brainstorm Software Arrow_right_green

The human mind conjures up hundreds of ideas a day. How should one be expected to remember them all? More importantly, how does one organize so many thoughts?

Tags: brainstorm memory create problem solving business educator

Mind Map:


Document: How to Manage Routine Doctors Visits Arrow_right_green

The older one gets, the more attention he or she must pay to avoiding health-related issues. Such avoidance often involves making routine visits to one’s doctor to ensure that everything is in working order.

Tags: doctor planning medical

Mind Map: Annual Doctors Visits


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Help Organize Your Move Arrow_right_green

Anyone who has dealt with moving, be it their personal residence or business office, knows how stressful and time-consuming the process can be. Therefore, organizing the steps of the move, including what supplies and materials are needed, should be the first step for those who want to make the process easier.

Tags: organize list

Mind Map: THE MOVE


Document: The Advantage of Visual Mind Maps for Businesses Arrow_right_green

Visual Mind Mapping is one tool that can give businesses the edge in optimal functioning, and enhance company-wide productivity.

Tags: business visual profits

Mind Map: 3rd Quarter Companywide Earnings


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Help Organize Your Closet Arrow_right_green

Having mounds of clothes and nothing to wear is a common problem for many women (and men). The main culprit for this problem is usually an unorganized closet.

Tags: organize categorize

Mind Map: Tracking the Stuff in My Closet


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Help Keep Track of Your Diet Arrow_right_green

Whether by counting calories, or restricting the consumption of certain foods, dieting is a common practice for many individuals

Tags: diet food calorie organize

Mind Map: Monday s Menu - 1800 calories


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Organize Meeting Notes Arrow_right_green

One area in which Mind Mapping software is useful is in organizing notes for meeting presentations. Whether it is a business or personal meeting, presenting the notes for the meeting in an organized manner that everyone can understand is essential.

Tags: business meeting presentation organize marketing

Mind Map: Weekly Advertising Meeting


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Organize Academic Schedules Arrow_right_green

One of the biggest obstacles to successful academic performance for students is lack of organization.

Tags: schedule organize academic student teacher

Mind Map: My Weekly Academic Schedule


Document: Brainstorming Software and Project Planning Arrow_right_green

Brainstorming software isn’t exactly the first thing to come to mind when searching for ways to assist with project planning. What many people fail to realize is brainstorming software can help with the creation of the project plan as well as the may other tasks that fall between.

Tags: brainstorming project planning project planning collaboration

Mind Map:


Document: The Basics of Strategic Planning Arrow_right_green

Strategic planning has been the first step for businesses and corporations of all sizes for many years. Implementing a solid and effective strategic plan beforehand can make all the difference between a successful and failing company. A strategic plan is an outline of a potential organization’s plans and goals, and how the organization plans to achieve them. Very in depth, strategic planning takes focus and paying close attention to detail.

Tags: business planning strategic planning goals

Mind Map: The Basics of Strategic Planning


Document: Finding an Editor Arrow_right_green

It is the editor that corrects spelling, rewords sentences, and makes sure that the author’s voice come across as clearly and succinctly as possible. The importance of an editor’s role is what necessitates that most authors find a good one to help them with the writing process.

Tags: editor decision author business

Mind Map: Editor Candidates


Document: Points to Cover in an Interview Arrow_right_green

With Mind Maps, both parties have access to a tool that will help them “map out” their thoughts in a creative and intuitive manner, facilitating a much smoother interviewing process.

Tags: job interview organize business company experience

Mind Map: Points to Cover in the Interview


Document: The Advantage of Visual Mind Mapping for Educators Arrow_right_green

Educators are always looking for ways to help students improve their core learning skills. In order to do so, they often employ a number of techniques and tools to help their students develop the ability to better learn and retain information.

Tags: educator student teacher learning skills creative

Mind Map: Days of the Week


Document: The Advantage of Visual Mind Mapping for Professionals Arrow_right_green

For almost every professional, the most important priority is maximizing one’s effectiveness in the workplace. The question of how to perform high-quality work, while staying focused and on-track with projects, is often at the top of the list for these individuals.

Tags: visual mind business effectiveness organize

Mind Map: Ad Campaign: Project Tasks


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Help Organize Grocery Lists Arrow_right_green

Have you every gotten to the grocery store and wondered what you were there to get? But, there may be a better way to keep track of what to buy -- by using a Mind Map.

Tags: organize food shop grocery

Mind Map: My Weekly Grocery List


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Manage Travel Plans Arrow_right_green

Keeping up with travel plans and all the various components of getting from “here” to “there” can often be a nightmare. From remembering to bring one’s itinerary and passport, to arranging transportation to and from the airport, traveling almost anywhere requires one to be incredibly organized.

Tags: travel organize itinerary

Mind Map: My Trip


Document: Create a Budget Arrow_right_green

Mind Mapping software can be instrumental in organizing a variety of information. A particularly practical way to make use of Mind Mapping software is in constructing a budget.

Tags: budget organize financial

Mind Map: Monthly Budget (Total Monthly Income $3500)


Document: Using Mind Mapping to Study for Exams Arrow_right_green

An example, a learner who is trying to memorize vocabulary words for an anatomy test. When using a Mind Map to organize information for memorization, the overall subject matter to be memorized, such as “Anatomy Vocabulary Words”

Tags: study exam student organize memorization

Mind Map: Anatomy Vocabulary Words


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