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Mind Maps By Greg

Document: Ways to Use Mind Tools Arrow_right_green

The mind is a peculiar, complex and interesting organ. Since the beginnings of time, man has searched for ways to understand the mind, push it to its limits and use it to its full advantage. Mind tools come in a variety of forms.

Tags: decision career problem solving management

Mind Map: Ways to Use Mind Tools


Document: Choosing a Real Estate Broker Arrow_right_green

Selling or buying a home can be an arduous process. There is much to consider when undergoing this process, from determining a listing price as a seller to deciding on what offer to submit as a buyer among other potential buyers. Having someone who is experienced in the nuances of buying or selling a home, such as a real estate broker, can, therefore, make this process much easier.

Tags: decision home family real estate broker

Mind Map: The Right Real Estate Broker


Document: Plan a Growth Strategy for Your Business Arrow_right_green

One of the key components for facilitating the growth of a business is having a clear strategy for how this growth will be achieved.

Tags: business growth strategy profit planning

Mind Map: Company Growth Strategy


Document: Managing Your Job Applications Arrow_right_green

The job application process is one that most people have to go through at one time or another during their careers. Often, one in this process finds him or herself applying to many jobs at the same time, requiring him or her to manage everything from submitting multiple resumes, to scheduling and remembering interview callbacks and locations.

Tags: application employee business candidate

Mind Map: Job Applications in Progress


Document: Selecting the Best Health Club Arrow_right_green

As reports about the benefits of exercise continue to make their way into mainstream media, more and more people are joining health clubs in an attempt to become healthier. Joining a great health club can be motivating for one’s health goals; the right gym can offer one great facilities in which to workout, as well as a great way to meet new people.

Tags: health gym family motivate organize goals

Mind Map: area health clubs and gyms


Document: Get the Most Out of Post-Holiday Sales Arrow_right_green

Most people look forward to the savings and bargains offered during post-holiday sales. Yet, with almost every store holding a sale, managing to get the most out of these sales can be challenging. One might want to pick up a TV on sale at one store, a cashmere sweater on sale at another, and a coveted iPod at yet another.

Tags: holiday sale home family

Mind Map: Post-Holiday Sales


Document: Manage Project Coverage Arrow_right_green

As most who work for a company know, making sure that projects are covered during a co-worker’s absence is important for smooth company functioning. Regardless of how long, or for what reason, the co-worker is absent, others must step in the gap and manage the day-to-day functioning of his or her projects.

Tags: business project vacation customer

Mind Map: Project Coverage During Dan s Vacation


Document: Personal Goals for 2010 Arrow_right_green

For many people, the start of a new year brings with it a slew of New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions usually fall by the wayside as people lose motivation towards their goals throughout the year.

Tags: goals personal effectiveness strategy motivate

Mind Map: Goals for 2010


Document: Track Customer Feedback Arrow_right_green

Customer feedback is an extremely important component of most businesses. Without an understanding of how consumers feel about the products or services they receive, businesses cannot hope to maintain, or even improve, the level of quality they provide. The importance of customer feedback is what drives many companies to issue surveys or conduct interviews about consumers’ experiences

Tags: customer business consumer organize

Mind Map: Mabel s Clothing Store


Document: Student Tool: Write Book Reports Arrow_right_green

For students faced with writing a book report, the challenge is to internalize the plot, characters, and themes of the book in a way that allows for thorough explanation in written form. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that students take notes on the book in a manner that makes it easy for them to process what the author is attempting to portray.

Tags: student report book

Mind Map: Moby Dick by Herman Melville


Document: How to to Choose an Attorney Arrow_right_green

Attorneys are a necessary part of many more facets of life than most of us realize. Closing on the sale of a house, negotiating a job contract, or starting a small business -- in all of these situations, an attorney is usually involved. When choosing an attorney, either for a specific situation of as one’s permanent legal counsel, one should have a clear method for assessing how well the attorney is suited to serve one’s needs.

Tags: law family home



Document: Mind Mapping Software Arrow_right_green

Mind mapping software is an application designed to create, edit and produce mind maps. Say goodbye to notebooks overflowing with sticky notes from last winter, or cramming a week’s worth of ideas into your already-full memory bank. Mind maps help to organize these overflowing and overwhelming thoughts.

Tags: mind mapping brainstorming organize

Mind Map: Mind Mapping Software


Document: Strategic Planning: Starting a Small Business Arrow_right_green

Starting a small business is a profitable way to bring in extra money or supplement your income. There are 3 main reasons people make the change from being an employee to small business owner:
• The freedom of being their own boss
• Financial independence
• Branching out creatively

Tags: business strategy small business start-up

Mind Map: Business Idea


Document: Selecting the Best Employee for a Position Arrow_right_green

As any employer knows, selecting the best employee for a position is critical to the successful performance of the position’s duties. There are many factors that must be taken into account when selecting the right person for a job; not only should the person have the right academic and professional qualifications, they should be able to work well with the people and the structure of the organization as well.

Tags: employee business sales

Mind Map: Sales Position Candidates


Document: Train Your Dog Arrow_right_green

Many people know the joy of getting a new puppy. However, many people also know the frustration of trying to train a new puppy to behave as desired. Whether trying to get the dog housebroken, or teaching him or her how to sit, training an animal takes much organization and patience.

Tags: training home family puppy

Mind Map: New Trick for My puppy: rolling over


Document: Develop a Hobby Arrow_right_green

For most, having a hobby is an important part of maintaining a good balance between work and recreation. Hobbies cover a wide gamut of activities, from stamp collecting to golf, yet, they all have one thing in common -- they provide enjoyment to those partaking in them.

Tags: hobby sport personal family home

Mind Map:  Hobbies


Document: Prepare for a Debate Arrow_right_green

Be it academic or otherwise, debates are an important way to present both sides of relevant topic of interest. It is, therefore, crucial that debaters have a thorough understanding of whichever side they are presenting, so that they can clearly communicate the merits of their point of view.

Tags: education debate communicate student teacher school

Mind Map: Debate Topic: Exercising is Beneficial for Your Health (Pro)


Document: Using Mind Mapping Software to Prepare Your Home for Emergencies Arrow_right_green

Being prepared for an emergency or natural disaster is crucial for anyone wanting to avoid the long-term effects of a catastrophe. Therefore, assembling and maintaining emergency preparedness kits and instructions in one’s home is key.

Tags: planning emergency family organize prepare

Mind Map: Emergency Preparedness


Document: Manage Your Class Fundraising Drive Arrow_right_green

Whether it is to raise money for a class trip or to help construct the new school gymnasium, classroom fundraisers are a common activity for many teachers and students. Often, teachers offer incentives to students who raise the most money, and, many times, classrooms even complete against each other for these top seller prizes.

Tags: class organize teacher student school

Mind Map: Mrs. Strickland s 5th Grade Class Fundraiser: Target $2000 Total Raised So Far: $990


Document: Planning Trip to Greece Arrow_right_green

When going on vacation, most people find it important to make sure they see all of the sights and attractions famously associated with where they are visiting. Unless one can afford to hire a tour guide, doing so can be a bit overwhelming; how does one manage to organize his or her trip in a way that allows him or her to hit every tourist’s spot, yet still have time to enjoy the vacation?

Tags: organize vacation family planning holiday

Mind Map: Our Trip to Greece


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