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Mind Maps By Cathy

Document: Choosing the Perfect Pet Dog Arrow_right_green

Having a pet can add a lot to one’s life -- pets offer their owners companionship and unconditional love, and are even seen by many as a part of the family.

Tags: family home animal pet



Document: Selecting a House of Worship Arrow_right_green

For many, maintaining a spiritual relationship with a power higher than themselves is a necessary part of life. These people often express their desire to have such a relationship by regularly attending services in a house of worship that shares their beliefs. Finding a house of worship at which one can nurture one’s spiritual side, as well as commune with others of the same faith, requires careful thought and consideration; the house of worship one attends is often the cornerstone of one’s spiritual journey.

Tags: religion worship faith spiritual family

Mind Map: Options for a House of Worship


Document: Plan a Walking Tour Arrow_right_green

Walking tours are a great way to learn about a subject while getting some exercise and socializing with others in the process. A walking tour can be conducted in any location and on any subject, ranging from a ghost-themed tour of a graveyard, to an historical tour of the streets of an old neighborhood.

Tags: walk tour event planning

Mind Map: Historical Walking Tour for the Museum


Document: Select a Venue for a Baby Shower Arrow_right_green

I find Mind Mapping great for things like trying to pull events together. The attached is a group of us brainstorming to organise a baby shower for my sister in law

Tags: family event baby brainstorming

Mind Map: Catering Hall for Anna s Baby Shower


Document: Teaching Responsible Pet Care Arrow_right_green

I am sure many of you like me have had the children begging for a pet. We finally relented and got a puppy with the stipulation that the children agree to help take care of the dog, so we created a mind map for them

Tags: family responsibility pets children

Mind Map: Looking after Dolly


Document: Using a Mind Map To Help Find a Housekeeper Arrow_right_green

In today’s world, busy schedules often necessitate the once-viewed luxury of household help. The demands of work schedules and child school activities leave many two-parent working households little time for chores such as cleaning.

Tags: decision organize planning family

Mind Map: housekeeper search


Document: Choosing a Good Day Care Center for Your Child Arrow_right_green

In today’s economy, staying home with one’s child is considered a luxury. Most parents have to work in order to provide for their families, making it necessary to leave their children in day care for a good portion of each day

Tags: children day care planning family

Mind Map: Day Care Centers


Document: Selecting the Best Hotel or Motel for Your Trip Arrow_right_green

When taking a trip to a new location, almost nothing is as important as the hotel or motel in which one is staying. Staying in lodgings that are too cramped, dirty, or not in general what one expected can ruin the entire trip.

Tags: holiday family vacation organize

Mind Map: Swanee Lake Hotels


Document: Remember and Understand Dreams Arrow_right_green

Dreams are commonly thought to be the way that the subconscious mind communicates with one’s self. As such, many psychologists believe that understanding one’s dreams is the key to developing a better self-awareness.

Tags: remember subconscious personal dream

Mind Map: My Dream


Document: Choose the Perfect Gift Arrow_right_green

Whatever the occasion, choosing the perfect gift for the people in one’s life isn’t always easy; most want to get a gift out of which each person will find much use and enjoyment. When brainstorming ideas for the perfect gift, a tool that can help one organize his or her thoughts around what a gift recipient might like, therefore, can be incredibly beneficial.

Tags: gift brainstorm family home

Mind Map: Bob s 25th birthday present


Document: How to Choose a Band or DJ for Your Wedding Arrow_right_green

Good music is an important part of making it an enjoyable event for everyone who attends. Brides and grooms-to-be sometimes spend months trying to find the right band or DJ for their wedding, often auditioning a number of options.

Tags: event planning wedding music

Mind Map: DJs for Our Wedding


Document: Planning a Teleseminar Arrow_right_green

In today’s modern world, interacting with others remotely, both visually and audibly, is a common phenomenon -- there is no longer the need for people to be in the same physical location in order to conduct business or hold meetings.

Tags: planning business meeting

Mind Map: Teleseminar: Finding Your Life s Purpose


Document: Creating an After School Program Arrow_right_green

After school programs are an important and memorable part of childhood development. Such programs often serve as a place where children can enjoy recreational activities, learn new skills, and make new friends.

Tags: school after school children development recreation

Mind Map: After School Program


Document: Working through Car Insurance Options Arrow_right_green

Have used a Mind Map to look at the various Insurance Options available.

Tags: vehicle insurance driver

Mind Map: Auto Insurance Policy Options


Document: Admin Duties Arrow_right_green

This is a mind map created for my replacement while I am away on leave - Work in Progress

Tags: business administration organize

Mind Map: Administrative Duties


Document: Choosing a Good Dentist Arrow_right_green

Maintaining a healthy smile is an important part of taking care of one’s health in general. Lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and, eventually, tooth loss.

Tags: planning organize health family

Mind Map: The Perfect Dentist


Document: Select the Best Local Area Restaurants For Your Trip Arrow_right_green

The food one enjoys is one of the aspects of any trip that make it memorable. When visiting a new area, therefore, most people find they want to include as many of the area’s noted restaurants and eateries as they can during their stay.

Tags: restaurant planning vacation

Mind Map: Local Area Restaurants


Document: Choose a Great Hair Stylist Arrow_right_green

There are a few things in life that one never wants to part with, such as a great spouse, a great car or the perfect job. High on this list for many, no doubt, is one individual that most cannot live without -- a great hair stylist.

Tags: personal home family hair

Mind Map: The Perfect Hair Stylist


Document: Create Interesting Window Displays Arrow_right_green

As any good storeowner knows, getting the attention of passersby is crucial for drawing in business. As such, they often use store window displays to grab the attention of potential customers.

Tags: business planning customer

Mind Map: store window display


Document: Plan a Holiday Pageant Arrow_right_green

Holiday pageants are a common tradition. And, whether it is a school or church pageant, this tradition is one that many people look back on with fond memories. For those in charge of planning a holiday pageant, the process begins well in advance of the holiday season. Often, this process involves picking a theme, making costumes, and assigning parts, among other things, and requires a great deal of organization.

Tags: holiday pageant planning organize

Mind Map: Annual Christmas Pageant


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