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Document: EMF Shields: Information and Materials Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
about 4 years ago
Description: The best action we can take to reduce our exposure to sources of EMF is to learn about them and choose to avoid them, distance ourselves from them, select low-EMF products, etc. But many sources are outside of our control.

This map offers basic information and links to companies offering different types of shielding materials for personal use. While information dense, it may omit by accident some valuable resources. As such, it is intended to be an overview document and not a full listing. Icons next to products refer to linked companies listed on a branch on the right of the map.

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Map: EMF Shields: Information, Companies and Shielding Materials Arrow_right_green

Mind Map:  EMF Shields: Information, Companies and Shielding Materials
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