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Document: Methylation, Glutathione and EMF Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
almost 3 years ago
Description: All living beings evolved without needing physiologic strategies for coping with heavy burdens of exogenous toxins. We have limited capacities to produce and recycle glutathione, the most important antioxidant, in our cells. We push our detoxification systems, including methylation -- which assists in the production of glutathione -- to their limits with our chemical exposures. To this, we add EMF. While we work to minimize our exposures to EMF sources, we can try to assist the detoxification and antioxidant functions within us. This map offers studies and links on the rationale for supporting our antioxidant defenses.

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Map: Methylation, Glutathione and EMF Learning to Help Ourselves Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: Methylation, Glutathione and EMF Learning to Help Ourselves
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