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Document: The Filter Bubble: A Book Review Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
over 3 years ago
Description: Eli Pariser's important book teaches us when and how the Internet began to enclose each of us in a personal, filtered bubble of information. We are profiled by our data signals and clickstreams so that websites can quickly morph to suit our moods, and ads for products we might like can follow us from page to page. Personalization would make life easier if its invisibility didn't rob us of our cyber-independence. This map introduces some of Pariser's research findings and offers links to his book, his talks, and a few suggestions for consciously structuring our own Internet experiences.

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Map: Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser A Book Review Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser A Book Review
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