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Document: Tachycardia: Sinus, Physiological Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
almost 6 years ago
Description: This NM5 map is one of 3 maps on the topic of POTS and related Tachycardia Syndromes. This map is posted as an image here, but the title box links to the site page with all 3 maps and their hyperlinked PDF versions. Red stars indicate the newest links.Rapid heartbeat, especially after meals or prolonged standing, may be uncomfortable even if benign. This was prepared as a way to study those causative factors which may be modified by lifestyle changes. It is not intended to replace proper diagnosis and medical treatment, or to provide any specific prescriptions or recommendations.
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Map: Tachycardia: Sinus, Physiological Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: Tachycardia: Sinus, Physiological
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