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Document: EMF and Nutritional Support Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
about 4 years ago
Description: Research demonstrates the development of adverse biological effects resulting from exposures to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields. The best way to minimize effects is to reduce exposures. However, because the body tries to respond to stress and heal itself, research also suggests that some nutrients may help us in these basic functions.

This map is an overview of mechanisms which may be influenced by dietary factors and offers links to studies and related maps. No specific recommendations for anyone are intended by this information.

This NM5 map is posted here as an image only, but is linked in the NM4 title box to a fully hyperlinked PDF.
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Tags: emf electromagnetic nutrition diet

Map: EMF Effects: Research-Based Rationale for Nutritional Support Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: EMF Effects: Research-Based Rationale for Nutritional Support
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