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Document: EMF and the Auditory System Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
over 2 years ago
Description: Tinnitus is the perception of sound (ringing, hissing, buzzing) in one or both ears, not produced by an external source. It is a common complaint, affecting approximately one in six Americans. It ranges in severity from a mild background noise to a constant disabling disruption of daily function. Some cases begin following known stresses such as loud noises or medications, but many times the causes are unknown.

Many people sensitive to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields describe various ear sensations -- heat, throbbing, pain -- as well as tinnitus. Some studies have been performed and several mechanisms suggested. This map offers a linked overview of reports, mechanisms, studies and articles.

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Tags: emf electromagnetic ear tinnitus auditory

Map: EMF and the Auditory System: Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: EMF and the Auditory System: Tinnitus and Hearing Loss
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