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Document: Electric Fields and Physiology Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
about 3 years ago
Description: When we stand near electric motors or power lines, or use certain devices, we are being exposed to electric fields (in addition to magnetic fields). The fields may not penetrate very deeply but they have an effect. When we are exposed to magnetic fields, electric currents may be induced deeply inside of our bodies. It is difficult to study due to the electrical complexity of living tissue.

What happens to us when exposed to exogenous electric fields? This map offers concepts and links that discuss these effects.

This NM5 map is posted as an image here, but is linked in the title box to a fully hyperlinked PDF.
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Tags: emf ef electromagnetic electric fields

Map: Electric Fields AND Physiology Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: Electric Fields AND Physiology
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