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Document: Cellular Triage, Nutrition, and EMF Arrow_right_green

profile image Kathleen Sundmark
over 4 years ago
Description: This map discusses a newer field of physiologic research. U.C. Berkeley scientist Dr. Bruce Ames, has described what he calls the triage hypothesis. This hypothesis states that our bodies respond to cellular stresses by prioritizing repair/response needs according to available micronutrient resources. While not specifically addressing EMF, this hypothesis suggests that we can assist our bodies to respond to all kinds of stresses with nutrition. Links to presentations, studies, and some material on EMF, are offered.

This NM5 map is posted here as an image but is linked in the NM4 title box to the website page with the most current fully hyperlinked PDF version.
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Map: Cellular Triage, Nutrition, and Non-Ionizing EMF Arrow_right_green

Mind Map: Cellular Triage, Nutrition, and Non-Ionizing EMF
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