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Therapeutic technique and suggestions t. makes to c.

solution focused therapy>Solution-focused therapy October 26, 2009 due 30>

Mind Map branch: Therapeutic technique and suggestions t. makes to c. Solution-focused
therapy October 26, 2009 due 30 Therapeutic technique and suggestions t. makes to c. formula first session task standard assignment exception question times when they didn't have the problem are there times when you don't have that problem? what's different at those times? how does that make a difference to u & to others? what will others notice about u? how come things aren't worse? asking coping questions what keeps u going under such difficult circumstances? what is the smallest thing you can imagine doing thatcould make a difference? miracle question to do the things that the problem has been obstructing therapist begins with a 3 step process t. actively reframes problem and compliments client t. clarifies the logical bind c. have created for themselves links hypnotic-like directive to an inevitable sign of progress scaling questions "on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being never, and 100 being always, what percentage of the time... "what would a step from 70 to 75 look like? compliments compliments in therapy help foster self confidence! summary message  feedback(?) on w therapist has heard during the session compliments on positive steps already taken framework within which to place the client's predicament, usually emphasizing the normality of the situation a suggested task to be carried out between sessions suggestions used commonly the formula first-session task do more of what works do something different it can be given as an experiment eg. potty and toy boat go slowly like the MRI model do the opposite, taken from MRi model the prediction task New-Branch

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