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solution focused therapy>Solution-focused therapy October 26, 2009 due 30>

Mind Map branch: Memorable Quotations /References/Things Solution-focused
therapy October 26, 2009 due 30 Memorable Quotations /References/Things SFT emphazises cognition for therapists exceptions are seen as primary interventions meant to help clients make a  similar inversion which will lead to the development of s solution pp 321 they help clients to see that their problems have exceptions these exceptions are solutions they still have in their repertoires Eve Lipchick "SFT is a philosophy, not a collection of techniques" Berg & de Shazer as the client and therapist talk more and more about the solution they want to construct together, they come to believe in the truth or reality of what they are talking about. This is the way language works, naturally" "...These exceptions can be used as building rocks in the construction of a solution...solutions involve determining `what works` so that the client can do more of it", de Shazer de Shazer "Language constitutes ´the human world´and the human world constitutes the wholw world¨ compliments in therapy help foster self confidence!

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