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solution focused therapy>Solution-focused therapy October 26, 2009 due 30>

Mind Map branch: Background Solution-focused
therapy October 26, 2009 due 30 Background theoretical formulations focus on the present where problems are maintained rather than searching the past to discover what caused them  the death of resistance as a concept clients really do want to change de Sahzer: language creates reality therapist is only concerned with complaints and shouldn't impose values steering clients from problem talk to solution talk Goals of therapy clear and achievable Therapy assessment clarifying goals 1. w is problem now? 2.how will u know when prob is solved? 3.signs that u don't have to come here anymore 4.w has to be different f/that to happen in your behavior, thoughts, and feelings? 5.what will u notice that is different about others involved in the situation? 6. what is your wildest fantasy about what u want to have happen?

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